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  • Built-in battery - doesn't require AA bateries
  • Head has 2 rotary rollers
  • LED light and washable head
  • 2-year warranty

Easy operation
High speed rotation
Replaceable head
Washable head
Stable company

Electric hard skin remover

An electric hard skin remover is becoming very popular with domestic foot care. If you have hard skin on your feet it can make you feel uncomfortable. But remove this hard skin by yourself could be difficult. Usually people use for this work some metal files or pumice stones, but the results are never perfect. Thankfully there are cheaper ways to get rid of hard skin than visiting a professional pedicure salon.

Nowadays you can choose from many electric hard skin remover for feet, it is only up to you to pick the best electric hard skin remover. Most of them are battery operated or rechargeable. Rechargeable models don´t require batteries and you can use them while charging. There are also many advantages of using electric callus remover. It save your time, it´s quick and efficient. Also it is more safe, because it doesn´t have any blades or rasp, just rollers with rough surface.

How does electric foot callus remover work?

Gently rotate or copy the curves of your feet over the hard skin area for few seconds. Don´t press hard, the device will stop if it is pressed too hard on the skin. Gently glide the unit over desired area. When you´re done check if you achieved the softness you desire. If not go over the area for few more seconds and check it again. Continue this method until level of smoothness is obtained. Then use some moisturizer that keep your feet soft and hydrated.

Try this electric hard skin remover and get really smooth feet skin which is worth the attention.

This remover is also called foot skin remover and foot hard skin remover.

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